Falis Community Services Congratulates Khadijo Abdullahi!

Left of the photo is Khadijo Shueb Abdullahi, her journey as a first-generation immigrant from Kenya to the USA is deeply rooted in her quest for educational success and community involvement. Her narrative highlights the challenges she faced and the pivotal role that Falis Community Services played in shaping her path.

“Initially while navigating a complex landscape of educational demands alone,” Khadijo recalls, “I was going from place to place seeking help with homework and other school-related tasks. This independent approach highlighted both my determination and the gaps in support available to me.”

Enter Falis Community Services—a beacon of support and empowerment in Khadijo’s journey. Through their programs, she not only found assistance with her academic endeavors but also access to mentoring, leadership training, and crucial guidance for milestones like obtaining her first driver’s license. This holistic support framework not only eased her academic burdens, but also fostered her personal growth and self-confidence.

Gratitude permeates Khadijo’s words as she reflects on the impact of Falis Community Services on her life. She acknowledges the organization’s significant contribution to her success and expresses a sincere commitment to giving back. Her desire to volunteer and support her community reflects her transformed perspective—from a recipient of aid to a proud member eager to contribute and uplift others.

In conclusion, Khadijo Shueb Abdullahi’s narrative is a testament to resilience, community support, and personal empowerment. Her story, shaped by the transformative experiences at Falis Community Services, exemplifies the profound impact of dedicated organizations in nurturing the potential of individuals and fostering community cohesion.

Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones Against Covid 19

Falis Community Services, in partnership with the Center for Multicultural Health, urges you to protect yourself and your loved ones against COVID-19. Take the opportunity to educate yourself and engage with us by participating in our sessions. Evening and weekend sessions are available by appointment only, while walk-ins are welcome on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 11 am to 3 pm.

We appreciate your participation.

New Programs and Modifications

Promoting Equity and Justice Classes and Awareness:

This program aims to educate community members about equity and justice, including their rights and responsibilities. The class is two weekdays, with available options for four-hour sessions on weekends and evenings to accommodate working community members. This program is open to all ages. If you are interested, please contact Program Manager Abdinasir Hussein at 206-792-6499 or email abdinasirhussein13@gmail.com.

Discontinued Programs:

  1. Scholarship Programs: Suspended until further notice.
  2. Welcoming Afghan Refugees Program: Discontinued.
  3. Health and Wellness Program: Discontinued.
  4. Youth Program: Date changed to 2024.

Program Modifications:

  1. Promoting Health Outcome: Changes to helping individuals towards achieving better health outcomes.
  2. COVID Testing and Vaccine Drive: Changed into COVID awareness efforts.
  3. Women’s Walking Club: Renamed as Community Walking Club.

2023 Closing Ceremony.

We were delighted to host 72 community members, including staff, focus groups, and parents, at the Closing Ceremony of 2023. This gathering allowed us to celebrate the remarkable achievements we collectively made throughout the year. Marking the 9th Annual celebration of Falis Community Services, we honored individuals who exhibited exceptional passion and dedication, particularly those who volunteered their time amidst the significant challenges post-COVID-19. As a united team, we surpassed our goals and expectations.

The festivities included enjoying local cuisine, expressing gratitude towards one another, and engaging in games and dancing—an experience we’ll fondly look back on. We’ve come a long way, achieving the highest youth enrollment since 2018. As we move into 2024, we anticipate continuing this journey together, building on the progress we’ve made over the past 12 months.

Throughout 2023, we achieved notable successes across various programs. The increase in youth enrollment and parent participation, with 323 youth and 183 parents respectively, marked a significant milestone. Furthermore, 33 honor students or running start students obtained their first driver’s licenses with FCS support. A total of 587 community members received assistance, 76 engaged in training and workshops, summing up to 1285 community members served. We look forward to continuing our services if the funding permits. 

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our sponsors and funders for enabling us to serve the community. Looking ahead to 2024, FCS is committed to making small policy changes in education and housing programs, addressing the needs of our immigrant and refugee communities. Our focus will include providing Racial Equity and Justice training for all stakeholders, alongside mental health training for both youth and the elderly. Educational initiatives, such as Healthy Eating Classes and Youth Leadership & Mentoring, will continue, along with established and effective programs like the Community Engagement Gathering.

Our ongoing programs for 2024 encompass Citizenship Classes, support for legal and immigration-related fees, health and wellness initiatives, assistance for sports activities across all age groups, women’s programs, youth programs, youth sports teams for both boys and girls, and an Onsite Screening and Counseling program. Leadership training programs which will specifically emphasize and focus on developing youth leadership skills.

While we eagerly anticipate the year ahead, some programs remain pending, including the Women Walking Club, initiatives for seniors and disabled individuals, and scholarship programs. Regrettably, we have had to eliminate the COVID-19 and Welcoming Afghan Refugee programs from our list.

We thank everyone for their continuous support, and we look forward to another year of making a positive impact on our community.


Congratulations, Abdinasir! Your dedication and hard work have led you on an incredible journey from Kenya to the Kent area, overcoming challenges in different school systems and cultures. Graduating with a higher GPA and pursuing your nursing degree while still in high school is a remarkable achievement. Your involvement with Falis Community Service and the impact you’ve made through volunteering is inspiring. Keep pushing forward, and we wish you continued success in all your endeavors! You’ve done an excellent job, and we’re proud of you!

Congratulations Graduates!

Farhan, in his own words: “If you take Falis Community Services out of my success, it is like questioning my existence. I was so fortunate to find them in my second year of middle school in Cader Heights. Being the oldest of 8 and coming from a family who had never been in school, I got all I needed from my community even when they did not have enough budget to help me or any other students. FCS was my strength; they stood by me and hundreds of other students like me. FCS supported my financial means, covering my driving school classes fees, and helping me obtain my Washington driver’s license ID. In doing so, I participated in engineering classes in high school, which I was passionate about. And now, FCS is still standing by me to help me enroll in college.
And I know that some parents cannot do this for their children; that is why I will always be grateful and try to give back to my community.”

Nagina, in her own words:
“The day I met with Yusuf Bashir (the founder of Falis Community Service) was a blessed day because it was the beginning of my academic journey. I was 14 years old when I interpreted for a group of my community who the Falis Community Service office invited. Since then, I have become a part of the FCS community. FCS allowed me to participate in youth training programs, mental health training programs, and driving school training programs until I graduated from high school this year. In 2022, I was offered a part-time job at FCS, and I’m so grateful. Thank you, Falis Community Service!

Nasra, in her own words: “I did not know about the community until after I graduated high school. I barely graduated high school with little to no help. But going to college, working in the medical field, and graduating in 2022 was a dream come true, and all the credit goes to Falis Community Service.

It is an honor to tell the story of one of our college graduates, Juweria, in 2022! Juweria has been with our program since she migrated to the U.S. from Egypt in 2015. She is one of the first students to enroll in our program, and we’re proud to say that we had an incredible journey together. She graduated from Kent-Meridian High School with the challenge of not knowing the school system or even the basics of schooling.

In her words, “Mentoring was what I needed the most, which I got from my community. I appreciate the confidence they gave me through the programs they offered. I was happy to graduate high school, but graduating from college was not easy as I pictured six years ago when I joined their programs. Falis Community Services had a vision and believed in the possibility of me graduating college, and I am proud to be part of it.”

Fatima, in her own words: “During my transfer from middle school to high school, all my friends went to different schools due to boundaries, and I was nervous; I didn’t want to end up in a bad school. My first year of high school was when I learned about FCS. I have been an active member since my freshman year since then. The programs they offered allowed me to travel and see places I’d never been, get selected for their scholarship, obtain my driver’s license, and get help academically. I thank you so much for FCS!”