Daily Archives: April 5, 2024

New Programs and Modifications

Promoting Equity and Justice Classes and Awareness:

This program aims to educate community members about equity and justice, including their rights and responsibilities. The class is two weekdays, with available options for four-hour sessions on weekends and evenings to accommodate working community members. This program is open to all ages. If you are interested, please contact Program Manager Abdinasir Hussein at 206-792-6499 or email abdinasirhussein13@gmail.com.

Discontinued Programs:

  1. Scholarship Programs: Suspended until further notice.
  2. Welcoming Afghan Refugees Program: Discontinued.
  3. Health and Wellness Program: Discontinued.
  4. Youth Program: Date changed to 2024.

Program Modifications:

  1. Promoting Health Outcome: Changes to helping individuals towards achieving better health outcomes.
  2. COVID Testing and Vaccine Drive: Changed into COVID awareness efforts.
  3. Women’s Walking Club: Renamed as Community Walking Club.