Mission Statement

Our mission is to help youth and women in our community to help achieve their highest potential of education as well as social health, economic justice and racial equality.

 Our aim is to give platform our committed youth who will be the leaders of tomorrow by listening their ideas and know them so that we can guide them to achieve their goal and also help them involve their Communities at large.

Program overview: –

 Falis Community Service was found in 2015 to help the Somali Bantu and other East African we also work with Afghans and Indian Communities to become self-sufficient by offering them training, discussion and implementing and welcome any program that helps the Community Service.

Our main focus is youth and women just because, they are most vulnerable community in terms of cultural shock, language barrier and fitting in the system differences. We are Community Driven Organization founded by community of color, work and lead by community of color, serve and help community of color, we encourage seniors and disabled people in the community to participate leadership of the community, we also encourage women participation most of the volunteers and board are women.