• Leadership Training

Leadership development expands capability of individuals. It allows them to take on leadership roles with groups or organizations. From where they can help develop, expand and facilitate a group action plan or a strategy through building alignments, and mind sharing with others. Thus, growing the capability of other

  • Youth Leadership

Interactive training to assist the youth participants in developing leadership skills to help create a positive change in their communities. Have them build a community with other students to become force for change. To help them learn how to set goals, and determine how to measure success from their service experience

  • Women’s Programs

Falis Community services is dedicated to promoting the welfare and wellness of women of all cultures, encounter any disadvantages they may face. We aim to help the woman and their children to fully participate in their new society without having to compromise basic values. And we are here to provide access to all appropriate services and facilities. Do you have established a walking club for women to act with others , Help reduce the stress is from the new cultural environment, while promoting and achieving a healthier life self resilience training is available for single mothers and teenager teenage children as well as drivers drivers training a license acquisition

  • Health and Wellness

You provide on-site screening for all committee members and hosts educational training for various health problems programs or goal is to achieve an active lifestyle by supporting the well-being of each of our community members.We are kind of working with the city of Ken’s recreation Department by sponsoring various sports teams. We also help pay the fees associated with individual participation, for those who may need some assistance. We also collaborate with the current school district and most local assistant and support organizations. We also can represent the local Somali Bantu community with all African leaders and organizations around Washington state.

  • Citizenship Classes

We provide extensive Citizenship Classes every week.