• Assistance in legal and Immigration related fees:

We know how hard it can be to find legal assistance without fees when you are an immigrant or refugee in the U.S. Our office will help with any legal fees related to immigration, free of charge. We also know the need for our community to become naturalized citizens. We will also assist those immigrants and refugees who are eligible to apply for their citizenship but need help to afford the application fees. Finally, we will help with passport application fees for those who want to apply for passports to travel and visit or reunite with their families and loved ones.   

  • Scholarships:

FCS will provide scholarships to immigrant and refugee students taking classes in medical-related courses, pursuing a career in the medical field, or those who want to become state-certified interpreters or have already passed the exam this calendar year.

  • Assistance with any sporting activity:

We understand the impact physical activity can have on one’s health; for this reason, FCS is providing assistance in any sport-related activity, whether sponsoring teams to attend leagues, such as soccer, basketball, or football, or helping low-income children learn the lifesaving skill of swimming.   

  • Welcoming Afghani Refugees into the United States

In January of 2022, Falis Community Services launched a new program for new Afghani Refugees coming to Southeast King County. This program is currently active, and we are helping Afghani Refugees. If you know of any Afghan Refugees, please refer them to our center.

  • Youth programs 2021

As Falis Community Organization, we started working with the youth back in 2018 we have youth focus group which we meet every second Friday of the month and that is where they head the conversation and decide what to pick and discuss and we facilitate and support technically.

Falis Community has five program managers from five different communities, those group of managers manage and facilitate five different programs, help youth leadership and participations and there are youth volunteers within each community by creating space on whatsAp group where you can post all the questions you may have from homework help to referral resources, they also help youth stay in school and learn the system of the school by giving them training. The program gets bigger we proud to say we have over 500 members on our youth group.

Abdulahi Osman

Youth Program Manager and Report writer Email Address:

  • Walk with Senior/ disabled

This program is started June 2019 and still going on strong, it has been stablished to help seniors feel included, our seniors don’t go outside homes and before we started the program most of them did not know where centers for senior located. This program helps our seniors and disabled individuals to choose their own time and date for transporting go and back to cover their needs whether it is grocery, shopping or medical appointment and so on, thanks for King County for giving us retired Van that makes it easy to do our senior services, it also makes easy holding meetings with our youth to have space for storytelling.

Since the Covid-19 erupted and spread in the nationwide, we added the program of delivering cultural relevant food to the senior/disabled doors once in every month to minimize or stop spreading the virus and following the guidelines of CDC such as keeping social distancing, wearing facemask, washing hands and using hand sanitizer. The program makes appointments for Covid-19 testing and vaccinating it also helps transportation and interpreter if needed

Senior/Disabled Program Manager: Shueb Abdi

Email Address:

  • Promoting Health Outcome ( Healthier Here )

This program is designed to help the community as whole to educate them protecting themselves and their loved ones from drugs and any other prescribed/nonprescribed drugs, to create space for exercising and help them for refreshment and encourage eating health food and learn ingredients that the culture medicine contains which our community use without prescription.

To educate them over dose protection and create space for all community stress free zone to connect one another and get sense of belonging, to discuss once a month with our focus group the health issues affecting the community

Juweria Omar: Promoting Health Outcome Program Manager/Youth Coordinator:


  • Youth Sports Teams Program for (boys and girls)

This program is started last year June 2020 after the Covid-19 hit the community this program let’s our youth go out and express themselves by playing video games together as a group or individuals while they keep social distancing also we created space where they come to our office 10 youth at the time and share their experiences of being no in the school and coping the difficult situation also give them workshops of leadership and antiracism class which takes place 6 weeks to complete and now we implemented to outdoors where teams has freedom to choose their own teammates and coaches and participate open league which sponsored by Falis Community Organization. So far, we have six soccer teams participating the program which brings the number of youths participating over 130 youth and still going on.

Youth/Sports Program Manager/Youth Coordinator:

Abdurahman Omar

Email address:

  • COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination Drive Program

Since the Covid-19 started match 2020 we have been working hard to make sure the community gets right information about covid and the restriction during the first 6 months we have been translating Covid-19 information to five different languages but this program is designed to help all ages in the community to get access for testing whenever they need we make the appointment, provide the transportation, offer interpreter if needed some with vaccine drive also we provide to the community emotional support for post testing/ vaccination by giving sessions to the community.

Falis Hussein: COVID-19 program manager and Grant/report writer/Youth Coordinator.

Email address:

  • On Site Screening and Counselling Program  

This program started Feb 2019 when we start working with Healthier Here and helps the community counselling blood pressure check, diabetes check, advice making health decisions, educate about culture and modern medicine lead to the Community unconformable conversation about diseases which effects the community and this program covers all ages. It has been difficult journey but we are in comfort zone of talking mental health and we are taking slow to take to the next level. This is ongoing program it occurs second or thirty Tuesday of every month and runs by professionals 

Program Manager; Ilyas Sheik  

Email address: 

  • Women Walking Club  

This program started Dec2018 after we engaged with center of multicultural and Healthier Here to promote health outcome of the Community it started with small group of women who come together at the park and walk together and at the end share the problem they faced in the Community but after running for almost 2 years we put on hold because of the Covid-19 but it did not stop, people still go for a walk and the number increase and not women’s club any more now, more men are joining,  the idea was to help women over 30ths to get fit and healthy also share their stress their own culture where they feel comfortable and now that space named ( Stress free Zone) and after demand of the community we decided to continue.    

Nagina Kakar: Women’s Walking club manager/Youth Coordinator:  


  • Leadership Training

Leadership development expands capability of individuals. It allows them to take on leadership roles with groups or organizations. From where they can help develop, expand and facilitate a group action plan or a strategy through building alignments, and mind sharing with others. Thus, growing the capability of other

  • Youth Leadership

Interactive training to assist the youth participants in developing leadership skills to help create a positive change in their communities. Have them build a community with other students to become force for change. To help them learn how to set goals, and determine how to measure success from their service experience

  • Women’s Programs

Falis Community services is dedicated to promoting the welfare and wellness of women of all cultures, encounter any disadvantages they may face. We aim to help the woman and their children to fully participate in their new society without having to compromise basic values. And we are here to provide access to all appropriate services and facilities. Do you have established a walking club for women to act with others , Help reduce the stress is from the new cultural environment, while promoting and achieving a healthier life self resilience training is available for single mothers and teenager teenage children as well as drivers drivers training a license acquisition

  • Health and Wellness

You provide on-site screening for all committee members and hosts educational training for various health problems programs or goal is to achieve an active lifestyle by supporting the well-being of each of our community members.We are kind of working with the city of Ken’s recreation Department by sponsoring various sports teams. We also help pay the fees associated with individual participation, for those who may need some assistance. We also collaborate with the current school district and most local assistant and support organizations. We also can represent the local Somali Bantu community with all African leaders and organizations around Washington state.

  • Citizenship Classes

We provide extensive Citizenship Classes every week.